Electric Transmission Services

Transmission lines Rights-of-Way are significantly more involved than other Rights-of-Way situations. The transmission lines take up a substantial amount of land beneath and around the Right-of-Way and the presence of transmission lines impose some major restrictions on how the land may be used.


Projects like these are not for professionals who aren’t experienced. Fortunately, Summit Resources offers a wide breadth of services that can help you succeed in all aspects of electric transmission Right-of-Way.


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We offer a full range of services.

At Summit Resources, we guarantee a safe and easy-to-handle project when it comes to your Electric Transmission Right-of-Way project.

Negotiation and Acquisition

Negotiation and acquisition is an art, as well as a science. At Summit Resources, we bring a profitable balance of fairness and firmness to the table when negotiating. Our agents negotiate in good faith, adhering to budget and timelines, without alienating the community. We methodically document each negotiation to ensure you have a solid record and reputation.

Optimum Route Development

Before your project gets off the ground we perform a scoping study, a thorough aerial and ground reconnaissance, to aid in validating our proposed route or site. Our scoping study is designed to reveal unknown physical/environmental features and problem areas of acquisition. At Summit Resources we want to make sure your proposed area or route has no problem areas that may have a direct impact on project design, cost, and ultimate feasibility.

Survey Coordination

Coordination of Survey, Mapping and Engineering

Our network of leading, high-rated survey companies and engineers offer the best in land surveys and mapping. If you’d rather, we can coordinate with a surveyor you are already working with. Either way, we make certain that survey permission is obtained and documented, and that all maps, plats and parcel sketches are accurate.

Environmental Services

Protection of the environment and public is one of our biggest concerns at Summit Resources. One of our biggest priorities is to provide environmental land assessments and team up with environmental testing companies to ensure environmental protection. We also work to assist our clients in completing applications for submission to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (F.E.R.C.).