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The success of your Right-of-Way project requires a partner with in-depth experience in every portion of the time-consuming and intricate process – from route selection and cost/feasibility studies straight through to post-project analysis.
With Right-of-Way, there are no shortcuts and tons of detours around the red tape, unexpected challenges, and multiple property owners and coalitions. Whether your project management team is documenting reams of regulatory paperwork, tracking project status, or serving as a key liaison among the owner, consultants and contractors, they need to possess flexibility and strong communication skills.
At Summit Resources, our team consists of highly skilled problem-solvers and effective communicators who oversee Right-of-Way projects, coordinate due diligence analysis and route and site selection, participate in stakeholder meetings, facilitate acquisitions and much more.
As a result of our national reach and diversity of proven expertise, we offer pragmatic support that stems from years of hands-on exposure to Right-of-Way complexities and pitfalls. We know what it takes to overcome and mollify landowner coalitions, regulatory agencies, and the inevitable technology frustrations.
From the smallest details to the big picture, Summit Resources is on your side to deliver an unencumbered route and a successful project.


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