Public Works Services

With today’s increased investments in the nation’s public infrastructure – highways, bridges, airports, water supply and waste water — public works has taken center stage in resource development growth.
More and more, the term “public works” has evolved to embrace more than the readily understood definition: systems that are publicly provided for the benefit or use of the general citizenry. It may now include new areas such as broadband cable Right-of-Way management.
The Public Works Right-of-Way company you partner with must thoroughly understand the emerging definitions and have the capability to help ensure obstacle-free permitting. Every day that goes by can affect the bottom line.
Summit Resources’ team of Right-of-Way specialists can help you obtain the green light on your permitting and provide you with knowledgeable support every step of the way.
We maintain complete web-based right-of-way project management—which encompasses full GIS support and reporting, document management, and post-project file conversion. Our commitment to project analysis planning and management combined with open communication is integral in helping you successfully execute your public works project.


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We maintain a complete web-based Right-of-Way project management,

We offer a full range of services.

Right-of-Way Project Management

Summit Resources’ Right-of-Way agents are expert negotiators. When the time comes to negotiate the purchase of property or obtain rights to use it, our agents are on the frontline ensuring your Right-of-Way project obtains the area it needs. Our agents accurately estimate property value and appraisal reports to reach a determination of fair market value, then take their knowledge straight to the source to arrive at an equitable settlement with landowners.


Our in-house title specialists are the best in the business. There is no parish and county reporting systems that they do not know and understand. Our title specialists provide comprehensive title reports on surface ownerships, mineral interest, encumbrances (such as liens, judgments and complex chains of title) and provide complete title curative work. Summit Resources serves as your liaison to enter the property for project inspections, surveys and studies, so you don’t have to leave your office.

Negotiation and Acquisition

Negotiation and acquisition is an art, as well as a science. At Summit Resources, we bring a profitable balance of fairness and firmness to the table when negotiating. Our agents negotiate in good faith, adhering to budget and timelines, without alienating the community. We methodically document each negotiation to ensure you have a solid record and reputation.


Before your project gets off the ground we perform a scoping study, a thorough aerial and ground reconnaissance, to aid in validating our proposed route or site. Our scoping study is designed to reveal unknown physical/environmental features and problem areas of acquisition. At Summit Resources we want to make sure your proposed area or route has no problem areas that may have a direct impact on project design, cost, and ultimate feasibility.

Eminent Domain Services - ADR

Summit Resources experts will do our best to mediate major financial controversies in the area of construction, business and real estate. If you are currently working with counsel, we are happy to work with them in any way that we can to solve your eminent domain problems.

Damage Claims and Settlements

When it comes to working on large areas for public use, it is important to ensure safety. While safety is our number one priority at Summit Resources, accidents happen. When damage claims and settlements arise, our agents provide top-notch service.