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With more than 50 million Americans living in the suburbs – and nearly 10.6 million of them commuting from the exurbs – rail Right-of-Way issues will likely remain at the forefront for a long time to come.


Summit Resources keeps up to date with the constant changes in the rail sector; for example, the evolution to light rail transit (LRT) with its mix of Right-of-Way types and train control technologies.


We thoroughly understand the complexities of securing use of new Rights-of-Way, with issues like noise abatement and eminent domain. You can count on us to help make sure your surface transportation projects will be completed successfully.


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Count on us to help make sure your surface transportation projects reach completion.

We offer a full range of rail services.


Our network of leading, high-rated survey companies and engineers offer the best in land surveys and mapping. If you’d rather, we can coordinate with a surveyor you are already working with. Either way, we make certain that survey permission is obtained and documented, and that all maps, plats and parcel sketches are accurate.


Our in-house title specialists are the best in the business. There is no parish and county reporting systems that they do not know and understand. Our title specialists provide comprehensive title reports on surface ownerships, mineral interest, encumbrances (such as liens, judgments and complex chains of title) and provide complete title curative work. Summit Resources serves as your liaison to enter the property for project inspections, surveys and studies, so you don’t have to leave your office.

Appraisal and Land Value Reviews

At Summit Resources, we pride ourselves when it comes to working with certified appraisers to determine fair market value and prepare appraisal reports in strict conformity with state and federal guidelines as well as professional appraisal standards.

Environmental Review Services

Protection of the environment and public is one of our biggest concerns at Summit Resources. One of our biggest priorities is to provide environmental land assessments and team up with environmental testing companies to ensure environmental protection. We also work to assist our clients in completing applications for submission to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (F.E.R.C.).

Optimum Route Development

Before your project gets off the ground we perform a scoping study, a thorough aerial and ground reconnaissance, to aid in validating our proposed route or site. Our scoping study is designed to reveal unknown physical/environmental features and problem areas of acquisition. At Summit Resources we want to make sure your proposed area or route has no problem areas that may have a direct impact on project design, cost, and ultimate feasibility.


A key component to ensuring project success and maintaining cost is the ability to assess damage factors, negotiate claims and avoid negative publicity. Our agents serve as liaisons between the property owner, survey teams, construction crews, and clean-up personnel to minimize the possibility of damage claims. If, despite best efforts, a claim is made, the agents provide swift attention as well as fair evaluation and negotiation.