Right of Way Services

Right-of-Way agents are on the frontline in negotiating with the owners or their representatives to purchase their property and obtain the right to use it. Your Right-of-Way agent must accurately estimate property value or evaluate appraisal reports to reach a determination of fair market value. Then he or she must act as a tenacious negotiator to arrive at an equitable settlement with the landowners.
While many Right-of-Way companies are simply staffing agencies, not equipped to simultaneously train agents and spearhead projects, Summit Resources believes you should settle for nothing less than a meticulously trained Right-of-Way agent.
As a result, our management team and fully staffed training division are dedicated to building, nurturing, and enhancing the skills of Right-of-Way agents. We customize each Right-of-Way training program to each project’s unique requirements.
You can rest assured that our agents will confidently confront any challenge from researching ownership to pulling deeds, preparing easements, and negotiating firm offers.


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