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A Right-of-Way company is only as good as the experience, strength, and commitment of its people. All the technology and innovative techniques in the world mean nothing if they’re carried out by a team that’s not highly qualified and committed to your success.
At Summit Resources, we specialize in hiring the best Right-of-Way professionals who are ready to take charge from day one. We recruit a top-rate team comprised of project managers, Right-of-Way agents, negotiators, site acquisition experts, relocation specialists and more – with skills that are directly relatable to your specific project and customized needs.
Right-of-Way is detailed, specialized and evolving, which means one oversight, one error in judgment, or one delay can sometimes hinder the best-planned project. Summit Resources’ professionals are experts at leaving no stone unturned when performing their responsibilities accurately while adhering to budgetary and scheduling realities. We don’t just meet your expectations – we exceed them.


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We don’t just meet your expectations,

we exceed them.