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Your Department of Transportation Office of Right-of-Way is charged with a particularly time-sensitive mission: to acquire property in a timely manner for the good of the citizens of your state.
To achieve this mission requires myriad of planning strategies to ensure professional, equitable and fair Right-of-Way transfer. One of Summit Resources’ specialties is working seamlessly with government agencies and DOTs.
We determine ownership of the properties, coordinate environmental inspections, coordinate ground and biological surveys, coordinate survey, mapping and engineering with trusted companies in the field, and help appraisers to accurately determine fair market value.


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We specialize in working seamlessly with state agencies and D.O.T.s

We offer many services for your D.O.T. Right-of-Way project.


At Summit Resources, we pride ourselves when it comes to working with certified appraisers to determine fair market value and prepare appraisal reports in strict conformity with state and federal guidelines as well as professional appraisal standards.

Negotiation and Acquisition

Negotiation and acquisition is an art, as well as a science. At Summit Resources, we bring a profitable balance of fairness and firmness to the table when negotiating. Our agents negotiate in good faith, adhering to budget and timelines, without alienating the community. We methodically document each negotiation to ensure you have a solid record and reputation.

Relocation Support

At Summit Resources we handle your entire project, and that means relocation support. Our relocation specialists are up-to-date and knowledgeable on federal, state and local relocation support regulations. Our promise is to prepare paperwork, determine moving costs, handle inspections, and deliver payments and condemnation support for your project.

Utility Relocations

D.O.T. Right-of-Way utility relocations can be hard to negotiate to comply with construction plans. Our utility relocation specialists help develop plans that define the route of the new utility lines and identify ownership of the original Right-of-Way.

Property Management, Moving and Demolition

When it comes to clearing properties for a D.O.T. Right-of-Way project, Summit Resources’ processes guarantee to get the job done. Our agents supervise inspections and demolition, terminate utility accounts, coordinate auctions for Right-of-Way structures and take care of environmental obstacles. Optimum