Craig Weaver


Craig Weaver began his career in the right of way industry in 1991 when he was hired by a nationally known right of way consulting company as a right of way agent.

Craig left the right of way industry in 1994 and spent the next 13 years viewing right of way from the perspective of pipeline construction companies, acting as Vice President of business development for Associated Pipeline Contractors.  After 4 years Craig then accepted a position with the Ozzie’s group of companies, a world leader in pipeline padding techniques and horizontal directional drilling, where he held several titles, including, V.P. of Business Development, Sr. Vice President and President, after the company was sold to an investment group.  Craig and 3 others purchased the assets of the directional drilling division and formed Southeast Directional Drilling.  Craig’s experience, leadership and business savvy resulted in the companies experiencing significant growth, with revenues increasing nearly 10-fold. During his tenure, Craig fostered and developed relationships with key pipeline companies, which he maintains to this day.

Craig’s experiences from the perspective of an acquisition agent and from that of pipeline construction provide him a unique understanding of the right of way process from start to finish and a solid foundation for his current responsibilities. Craig is charged with establishing, developing and maintaining relationships with pipeline and utility entities, striving to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Craig is a member of the International Right of Way Association and Chapter 28, Phoenix, Arizona.